Best Fifth Wheel Hitches Reviews

Top 10 Best Fifth Wheel Hitches Reviews in 2018

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Towing heavy luggage using a fifth wheel hitch is one of the best and highly recommended techniques. Aside from allowing you to haul heavy luggage, a fifth wheel is known to prevent your vehicle from excessive weight. The convenience a hitch offer makes it ideal for hauling.

However, each fifth wheel hitch is designed differently. With different types of 5th wheel hitches and setups, it may be a daunting task for one to choose the right one. In case you are in need of a quality fifth wheel hitch, we have reviewed the top best fifth wheel hitches for all your towing needs.

Best Pick

B&W Trailer Hitches 3050 5th Wheel Companion Flatbed RV Hitch

B&W Trailer Hitches 3050 5th Wheel Companion Flatbed RV Hitch has a rail-free design with 20,000lb gross weight and a lockable cam latch handle which allows for easy and faster release of the jaws making it Our Best Pick.

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Budget Pick

Reese 30128 Pro Series 15K Fifth Wheel Hitch

Reese 30128 Pro Series 15K Fifth Wheel Hitch is affordable and boasts of a single jaw system with a rounded slide bar which automatically latches around your truck kingpin for proper weight management making it Our Budget Pick.

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Table of Contents

Quick Comparison Between the 10 Best Fifth Wheel Hitches

Product NameGrade
B&W Trailer Hitches 3050 5th Wheel Companion Flatbed RV HitchA
Reese 30128 Pro Series 15K Fifth Wheel HitchA-
REESE Titan 30867 Fifth Wheel 20000 lb Load CapacityA
CURT 16049 Q25 5th Wheel Hitch with Ram Puck System LegsA
Reese 30120 Pro Series 20K Fifth Wheel HitchA
CURT 16130 Q20 5th Wheel HitchA-
B&W Trailer Hitches RVK3400 Companion Slider 5th Wheel HitchA-
CURT 16521 A16 5th Wheel Hitch with Roller A
REESE Elite 30142 Fifth Wheel 18000 lb Load Capacity and 90 degrees Fifth Wheel Adapter Harness (#5097410)B+
Pro Series 20K Fifth Wheel Hitch (Includes: Head, Head Support, Handle Kit & Legs)A-

1. ​B&W Trailer Hitches 3050 5th Wheel Companion Flatbed RV Hitch

B&W Trailer Hitches 3050 5th Wheel Companion Flatbed RV HitchView on Amazon

This B&W trailer hitch features a rail-free design which uses a square post on the center. The hitch is designed for flatbed trucks with 22,000 weight capacity. With the hitch cam latching action handle, you can easily and quickly release the hitch jaws even when on even terrain.

The 3050 model has a 1” dual jaw which allows 360 degrees jaws kingpin contact. That’s not all; the hitch can sit 20″ by 20″ perfectly well with 4″ deep giving you convenience like no other.

B&W hitch was designed with security features. Using a drop pin, you can lock your handle in place. If you don’t wish to use the pin, the area is large enough to fit a padlock which allows you to lock it.

Note that both the padlock and clipping pin do not come with the hitch. You will buy them separately.

What We Liked

  • Has a kingpin which allows 360 degrees turns
  • Can hold up to 22,000 pounds
  • Has security features which keep the hitch handle locked in place
  • Easy to use cam latching handle which allows fast release of the hitch jaws

What We Didn’t Like

  • Cannot be used on other trailers other than the flatbed trucks

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2. Reese 30128 Pro Series 15K Fifth Wheel Hitch

Reese 30128 Pro Series 15K Fifth Wheel HitchView on Amazon

Snagging the second position of the 5th wheel hitch is the Pro Series from Reese. Pro Series model is sturdy and can withstand a weight capacity of up to 15,000 pounds. The hitch boasts of a single jaw system witha rounded slide bar which automatically latches around your truck kingpin allowing you to manage your load perfectly well.

Compared to other similar models, this Pro Series offers better ride and better load management. The hitch has a four-way pivoting head which allows the trailer hook up to move back and forward with ease while the skid plate moves side to side offering better hook up of the trailer on both even and uneven terrains.

The handle has a cushioned grip for added solace. For security, the Reese hitch is lockable and comes with a padlock with two keys which make it stand out from other hitches. 

For easy installation, the hitch comes with ten boat rails and a universal installation kit. For better rail installation it is highly advocated to use fifth wheel hitch brackets. Note that the brackets are sold separately.

What We Liked

  • Cushioned handle grip which offers better grip
  • Lockable handle which comes with a padlock
  • Provides better ride and load management on both even and uneven terrains
  • Sturdy
  • Can hold up to 15000 pounds

What We Didn’t Like

  • Fifth wheel hitch brackets sold separately

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3. REESE Titan 30867 Fifth Wheel 20000 lb Load Capacity

REESE Titan 30867 Fifth Wheel 20000 lb Load CapacityView on Amazon

Reese has designed yet another quality hitch which features a customized grip. The handle has universal control instructions which get rid of the separate latch, high system lock, and load visibility.

The hitch can hold a weight capacity of 20,000lbs, with 5,000lb pin capacity and a height adjustment of14” by 18”.Another welcoming feature is the cast head which has a double cast jaw mechanism, eliminates jaw chuck system, improves tolerance, and is heavier for longer wear.

Its cast beam pivot boast of quadruple isolator vibration system for longitudinal and vertical vibration dampening and enhanced ride. This REESE hitch is ideal for short bed trucks.

What We Liked

  • Customized handle grip
  • Cast head has a double jaw mechanism for enhanced head funneling for kingpin latching
  • Eliminates jaw system chucking
  • Cast beam pivot has a quadruple isolator vibration system for enhanced drive and longitudinal and vertical dampening
  • Can hold up to 20,000lbs

What We Didn’t Like

  • Item may ship on different packages which may arrive separately

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4. CURT 16049 Q25 5th Wheel Hitch with Ram Puck System Legs

CURT 16049 Q25 5th Wheel HitchView on Amazon

This 5th wheel hitch has dual jaws which offer a 360 degrees kingpin contact. For quiet, smooth and unobstructed head movement, the Q25 has a spherical axial bearing which makes it stand out from other competitor hitches.

Another welcoming feature which makes this fifth wheel hitch stand out is its adjustable anchorswhich prevent chucking between under bed platform and legs. For quick installation and removal, the Q25 provides a quarter turn grounding system.

The hitch has been designed with superior quality material and comes withpolyethylene lube plateand three grease fittings for optimum lubrication. The hitch legs have a durable black carbide powder coating finish which is rust, UV, and scratch resistant.

That’s not all; the 111 pounds hitch fits perfectly well on the ram system which makes it an ideal choice for your towing needs. The Q25 hitch is designed to tow other 5th wheel trailers and RV swimmingly and quietly.

What We Liked

  • Easy to install
  • Spherical axial bearing for a smooth, unobstructed and quiet head movement
  • Adjustable anchors for preventing chucking
  • Designed using superior quality materials which pass the test of time
  • Fits well on the ram system
  • Can tow other fifth wheel trailers and RV quietly and smoothly
  • Lockable handle for added security

What We Didn’t Like

  • We did not find any

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5. Reese 30120 Pro Series 20K Fifth Wheel Hitch

Reese 30120 Pro Series 20K Fifth Wheel HitchView on Amazon

This Reese hitch features a double jaw system which fully surrounds the kingpin preventing wear. The hitch floating head enhances the hooking and unhooking process which makes towing easy. Through its pivot, the easy to install 20k hitch allows for easy hookup.

The side joints are well lubricated to provide quiet and smooth towing. For smooth movement, you will require a slider to haul short bed trucks.

What We Liked

  • Flexible
  • Lubricated joints for minimizing tear and noise
  • Can hold up to 20, 000 pounds

What We Didn’t Like

  • We did not find any

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6. CURT 16130 Q20 5th Wheel Hitch

CURT 16130 Q20 5th Wheel HitchView on Amazon

The CURT Q20 has dual locking jaws and three coupling mechanism which indicates when it’s safe for you to tow and couple. The double jaws offer a kingpin contact of 360 degrees preventing chucking noises. Q20 is one of the Q-series which boasts of high-quality hitch head swiveling on a spherical axial bearing which ensures a smooth and quiet towing.

The Q20 hitch has passed the SAE J2638 standards. It also features a long-lasting carbide powder coating which protects the wheel from UV damage, corrosion, and scratches.  With a load capacity of 20,000lbs and a vertical weight capacity of 5,000, this Q20 hitch can tow campers, most large recreational vehicles, and other fifth wheel trailers.

What We Liked

  • Prevents chucking noises through its dual jaws
  • Sturdy wheels which are designed to withstand the test of time
  • Can tow campers, large recreational vehicles, and other fifth wheel trailers
  • Offers safe coupling and towing
  • Comes with rails and brackets for easy installation of the wheels

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not sidewinder compatible

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7. B&W Trailer Hitches RVK3400 Companion Slider 5th Wheel Hitch

B&W Trailer Hitches RVK3400 Companion Slider 5th Wheel HitchView on Amazon

This B&W RVK3400 has an inbuilt slider which helps you to mount it to your truck for easy towing. The slider moves 12 inches back and forth at low speeds allowing easy maneuverability and turning. This helps provide clearance for your short bed truck to safely turn.

The RVK3400 has dual jaws which offer 360 degrees for kingpin contact giving you more security and minimal rattling compared to the slide bar jaws. The cam latching handle is easy to release which prevents binding. Its handle is lockable with either a pin or a padlock.

This model can withstand up to 18,000 pounds with a vertical weight capacity of 4500.

What We Liked

  • Prevents binding through its cam latch handle
  • Has an inbuilt slider for easy towing
  • Lockable handle
  • Can hold up to 18,000pounds

What We Didn’t Like

  • Padlock and pin are sold separately

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8. CURT 16521 A16 5th Wheel Hitch with Roller

CURT 16521 A16 5th Wheel HitchView on Amazon

This hitch series from CURT is named due to its articulated head design which boasts of patented castyoke which offers a dependable strength for towing the 5th wheel and stability for other fifth wheel trailers and RVs.

To keep the connection point silent and extra head stabilization while towing the A16 hitch has polytorsion inserts and a torsion spring. The hitch head is sturdy and has interlocking jaws which prevent chucking noises.

Extra wide opening on the hitch head allows for easy coupling. The handle is lockable, and it resets itself automatically after the hitch has been uncoupled to the coupling position. With a 16,000lbs weight capacity and a pin weight of 4,000lbs, this hitch allows for smooth and quiet towing.

Being one of the CURT A series, the hitch has been tested and passed all the SAE J2638 standards. That’s not all; the model is compatible with other mounting options which include the CURT X5 gooseneck adapter industry regular base rails, and OEM puck rollers and system legs.

What We Liked

  • Provides dependable strength for towing RVs and other 5th wheel trailers
  • Interlocking jaws for preventing chucking
  • Easy to couple
  • Lockable handle which self-resets itself for coupling when it has been uncoupled
  • Holds gross weight of 16,000lbs
  • Passed the industry standards
  • Compatible with different mounting options

What We Didn’t Like

  • May be shipped in different boxes which may arrive separately

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9. REESE Elite 30142 Fifth Wheel 18000 lb Load Capacity and 90 degrees Fifth Wheel Adapter Harness (#5097410)

REESE Elite 30142 Fifth Wheel 18000 lb Load Capacity and 90 degree Fifth Wheel Adapter HarnessView on Amazon

The REESE Elite hitch featured a rounded stamped head with a nine-inch kingpin area and enhanced four-way pivot head.  The heads have a single forged jaw for increased jaw kingpincontact and a kingpin indicator which makes this hitch stand out.

The 18,000lbs weight capacity hitch has a pin weight of 4,500lbs, vertical height adjustments of 4″ to 8″ and 4″ side to side adjustments.  Compared to the pin mount system, the hitch reduces slop through its 1/4 turn handle faster mount system.

For increased stability, the REESE Elite model has a wide footprint and a lockable handlewith extendedlength for added security. The hitch units are pre-assembled which helps save you time.

What We Liked

  • Has extended handle length
  • Reduce slops
  • Provides increased jaw kingpin contact through its single forged jaw
  • Comes with pre-assembled units
  • Has a wide footprint for increased stability

What We Didn’t Like

  • Requires use of sidewinder for trucks less than 6 feet long
  • Does not fit trucks with flare side

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10. ​Pro Series 20K Fifth Wheel Hitch (Includes: Head, Head Support, Handle Kit & Legs)

Pro Series 20K Fifth Wheel HitchView on Amazon

The Pro Series is one of the trusted manufacturers of quality fifth wheel hitches. This 30119 model offers an excellent performance and can carry up to 20,000 pounds with a downrange of 13″ to 17,” and 5,000 pounds pin weight.

The hitch has two pivoting jaws which are completely wrapped around the kingpin providing minimal play at the connection hitch point. The handle is lockable and is cushioned for added grip. Another welcoming feature about this hitch is that it can work with a variety of rails including REESE, hidden hitch and Curt draw valley draw –tite.

What We Liked

  • Offers great performance
  • Lockable and cushioned handle
  • Compatible with various rail options
  • Holds up to 20,000pounds weight capacity

What We Didn’t Like

  • The rails kit is sold separately

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Benefits of Using Fifth Wheel Hitches

Better underneath storage

5th wheel hitches offer significant storage space compared to travel trailers. Storage space is essential especially for people with RV.

Easy maneuverability

Fifth wheel hitches offer easy maneuverability which makes them ideal for towing other fifth wheel trailers and RVs. They attach to the truck bed perfectly well and stay in place until you unhook them. The weight is evenly distributed on the rear axle which makes towing easy.

Heavy duty towing

A 5th wheel hitch is designed to tow heavy luggage without breaking your vehicle. For safety and peace of mind when towing, every fifth wheel hitch has its weight capacity which helps you select your preferred hitch for your vehicle giving you great towing performance.

Have security features

Modern fifth wheel hitches have lockable handles which add more security, giving you a peace of mind when towing.

Easy to maintain

Modern 5th wheel hitches are easy to maintain. They only require proper lubrication four times a year.

Things to consider when buying a fifth wheel hitch

Choosing a quality 5th wheel hitch can make the towing process fun. However, with different brands in the market, it can be sometimes hard for one to choose a hitch that perfectly matches their towing needs. This guide will help you select your 5th wheel hitch much faster.

Weight capacity

Every fifth wheel hitch has a gross weight capacity which it can tow. Before choosing your preferred hitch, you need to know the type and weight of the truck you wish to haul.  Also get to know the pin weight of your vehicle. 

To get the pin weight of your truck, check the manufacturer’s manual for details. The gross weight and pin weight will help you choose a 5th wheel hitch which corresponds well with the gross weight capacity and your trailer type.

As a rule, it is highly recommended to choose a hitch which can tow more weight than your gross weight.

Jaws type

5th wheel hitches have three types of jaws which include the double jaw, single jaw, and the sliding bar jaw. Sliding bar is usually preferred when towing low weight capacity while double is recommended for medium weights and the single jaw applies when towing heavy luggage.

A single jaw hitch clamps typically around the kingpin with its jaws, preventing contact noises virtually. In case you experience kingpin noises, give the single jaw a try.

Double 5th wheel hitches are secure to use and have serrated jaws. The jaws may move periodically making kingpin noise when towing.

On the other hand, the sliding bar hitches produce slightly higher kingpin sound compared to the double jaws but is very secure to use. This is the affordable option for towing low weight capacity.

Truck bed

Different hitches work best with different truck beds. If your truck has a short truck bed, you will need a sliding 5th wheel hitch to tow it. If your vehicle has a long truck bed, choose a fixed hitch.

Types of rails

Fifth wheel hitches have customized rails or universal rails. Hitches with customized rails have a set of personalized rails which are highly customizable and have existing drilled holes. On the other hand, universal rails fit perfectly well with any truck and are easy to install since they don’t require you to drill holes.


UV light, rough road and rust can damage your hitch. The quality of your hitch will be determined by the material used and how your hitch surpasses all the towing challenges.

Also have a look at how the hitch has been designed, the finish and sturdiness. These features will collectively help you determine the quality of your hitch.

Pivoting head

Fifth wheel hitches have either a two-way pivoting head or a four-way. Most standard 5th wheel hitches have a two-way pivoting head.

A two-way pivoting head allows you to drive, and incline before your trailer grading changes, preventing stress between the hitch and the kingpin.

On the other hand, a four-way pivoting head swivels side to side and allows you to drive on uneven ground without challenges.

Fifth wheel package

Every hitch comes with its package. Get to know what is included in the package and what you will require to install your hitch. Hitches that come along with other accessories will help reduce the cost.


Not every fifth wheel hitch will work with your trailer. Knowing your type of truck can help you choose a hitch that is compatible.

Also get to know which type of vehicles can be towed by your hitch. In case you are planning your hitch to tow different vehicles like the RVs and trailer, choosing a hitch that is compatible with these type of vehicles can help save you tons of money.


The weight capacity dictates the cost of 5th wheel hitches. Typically, 5th wheel hitches with a higher gross weight cost much higher. However, the quality and unique features may also contribute to the price.


An easy to install hitch can save you time. However, for you to be able to install your 5th wheel hitch successfully, your hitch should be compatible with your truck. Pre-assembled units and hitches with installation kits will make the process much more comfortable.


Every 5th wheel hitch has a warranty period for which you will be covered. Before buying your preferred hitch, always read and understand the terms and conditions.  An extended warranty period will keep you covered for longer and is highly advocated.

How to hook up your fifth wheel hitch properly

  • Get your hitch, trailer, and truck ready and ensure they are on even ground
  • Use wheel chocks on your trailer to make it more stable
  • Set your riding height if you have never towed a trailer. This can be achieved by measuring your trailers kingpin skid plate box and the height from your pick up bed to the ground. Subtract the pickup bed to ground height from the kingpin skid plate box.
  • Adjust your height. Note that the minimum clearance between the 5th wheel trailer and the pickup bed rails is 5″ to /2″
  • Position your hitch into the coupling position
  • Confirm whether your tailgate is down before coupling your hitch with your trailer
  • Backing up your truck towards the trailer, slowly stop it when the kingpin is about four inches away from the 5th wheel head.
  • Align the trailer jack such that the lube plate is ½ inches below the 5th wheel skid plate top
  • Back up your truck until the kingpin completely seats on the 5th wheel head and engage your emergency breaks
  • Inspect whether the jaws are engaged and fully locked
  • Lock your 5th wheel using a padlock or a safety pin
  • Before carrying a driving test, take off the emergency brakes
  • Activate the truck brakes by pressing the manual brake activation control and tug on the trailer slightly. In case you experience resistance, it’s an indication of proper coupling. Lack of resistance shows improper coupling and need to be addressed before you do a test drive.
  • To fix improper coupling: check whether the pin safety is safely installed
  • Ensure that the electrical harness of the trailer and the electric away brake switch of the Lanyard is attached
  • Close tailgate, remove tire chocks
  • Confirm whether the truck stop and turn signals and the light are functioning properly, pull your truck forward and check if the brakes have been activated.
  • Once you are sure everything is okay, you can start your towing journey. If you have never towed before, it is highly advocated to move at low speeds until you master well how your 5th wheel hitch is functioning. Short distances are recommended for starters.
  • When you arrive at your destination, ensure that you park on an even ground before uncoupling
  • To uncouple, engage emergency brakes and chock tires.
  • Unplug all the lanyards, harness and safety devices
  • Lower trucks tailgate
  • Raise your hitch to create a space between your kingpin plate and the hitch coupler
  • Unlatch the handle to release the pin from the handles
  • Drive the truck forward

Care and maintenance of fifth wheel hitches

As much as investing in a quality hitch can improve your towing experience, improper care and lack of maintenance can ruin and deteriorate the quality of your hitch. To keep your hitch well maintained and in good physical shape, try the following maintenance tips.

Keep it well lubricated

Fifth wheel hitches have moving parts which require lubrication. Lack of lubrication can cause friction and squeaking sound increasing tear and wear of these parts. Lube is recommended to be done after every three month or 30,000 miles.

If lubricating your fifth wheel hitch every three months is a challenge, ensure that your locking system has been cleaned after 60,000miles or in six months’ time.


Before greasing your hitch, decrease it and inspect the moving parts for any visible damage.  This may include visible cracks, missing parts, rust, and damaged components. Double check whether the bracket pin bolts and the locking tabs are securing the bolts correctly.

Your fifth hitch wheels is also a concern when running regular maintenance checks and should never be neglected.  The wheels are prone to UV damage, corrosion, and scratches. Degrease them and inspect for any signs of damage.

Any damaged components should be replaced, and loose bolts fastened to enhance towing safety.

How to get the best experience with your fifth wheel hitch

Regardless of whether you are a rookie or an experienced driver, knowing the 5th wheel hitch towing tips will not only help you tow safely but also add more fun to the exercise. Check out these tips for better towing experience

Inspect your 5th wheel hitch

Every time before hooking your hitch with your trailer, ensure that you have conducted a thorough inspection a day before. This will allow you to fix any problems before towing. Using a faulty fifth wheel hitch can expose you and other road users to risks and may cause serious accidents.

Stick to your weight limits

Every hitch has its weight capacity. Towing more weight that your hitch is not designed to handle is risky. Before setting off for a ride ensure your weight does not exceed the maximum weight capacity of your hitch.

Watch out for your tailgate

Always ensure your tailgate is down before hitching your 5th wheel otherwise you may end up smashing it.

Test your hitch

A hitch that does not perform to its maximum can ruin your towing experience and make it next to impossible. To ensure smooth towing, always test your hitch every time to ensure it’s in excellent condition. Also, ensure the brakes are working properly and any other safety device.

Lock your hitch

Modern hitches come with lockable handles which give you the freedom to lock them with a safety pin or a padlock. Locking your hitch helps enhance your safety and keep the hitch jaws in position.

Know how to maneuver and take turns

Learning how to tow for the first time can be challenging especially when making turns on the road. In case it’s your first time to use a 5th wheel hitch, consider towing for short distances and learn how to take turns with caution before driving for long distances. Practice low speeds before you get used.

Know how your hitch works

Having a better understanding of how your 5th wheel hitch functions can help you identify problems before they get out of hand. Using your hitch regularly can help you understand how it functions on different terrains. Read more about your model and get to know how it performs on different ground and some of the problems you may encounter when using it.

What makes a good fifth wheel hitch?

  • An excellent fifth wheel hitch should be easy to use, assemble and maintain
  • A good hitch should provide great performance
  • A great fifth wheel hitch should be secure
  • A good hitch should tow well heavy luggage depending on it weight capacity
  • A great fifth wheel hitch should perform its function


Towing a 5th wheel trailer requires a quality hitch. Due to the convenience and efficiency, 5th wheel hitches offer to users is beyond any reasonable doubt. Thanks to the technological advancements which has been incorporated into these devices for greater performance.

While the market offers a wide variety of 5th wheel hitches to choose from, every hitch is designed with unique features which vary from other products. Choosing the best fifth wheel hitches may be challenging, but you can never miss a hitch that matches your needs.

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