Best ColdIce Therapy Machine Reviews

Best Cold/Ice Therapy Machine Reviews in 2018

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Intense workout, injury or surgery can put your body to lots of pain. Cold therapy is one of the best-recommended remedies of fighting back pain and accelerates healing. The efficiency and benefits these machines offer to the body are incomparable to none.

While this sounds good to be true, a poor quality machine can ruin the experience. For this roundup, we have carefully reviewed some of the quality machines to help you choose the best cold therapy machine that matches your needs.

Best Pick

Polar Products Active Ice Therapy System 2.0

Products Polar Active Ice Therapy System 2.0 come with a universal bladder and is ideal for post-surgery and chronic pain relief in various body parts making it Our Best Pick.

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Budget Pick

Ossur Cold Rush Cold Therapy System

Ossur Cold Rush Cold Therapy System is affordable and comes with a significant pad, and a brushes motor which provides a serene environment for you to relax during your therapy sessions making it Our Budget Pick.

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Quick Comparison Between the 5 Best Cold Therapy Machines

Product NameGrade
Ossur Cold Rush Cold Therapy SystemA
Products Polar Active Ice Therapy System 2.0A
ARS Aqua Relief System Hot or Cold Water Therapy DeviceA
Cryotherapy Arctic Ice Cold Water Therapy with Large Single Bootie by HealiohealthA-
​Aircast Cryo/Cuff Cold Therapy A

1. ​Ossur Cold Rush Cold Therapy System

Ossur Cold Rush Cold Therapy SystemView on Amazon

This Ossur machine boasts of a superior quality motor and a powerful flow rate with a large shoulderpad. The 4.6lbs device uses a brushless motor which provides a serene environment for users to unwind and recover from injuries.

Unlike other top industry selling units, this device provides a higher ice to water ratio and minimal heat transfer which blends perfectly well delivering cold pain relief therapy of up to 6 uninterrupted hours. The device is known to reduce pain, surgery swelling, and improve joint function promoting a healthy quality life.

Its cold rush has a significant shoulder pad which features a holistic design and unique features such as locking lid for preventing insulated walls and spills making the cooling process better.

That’s not all; the cold rush with its large shoulder pad delivers coherent cooling and splendidcompression even at high elevations. We would recommend this device to anyone who is in need of a quiet cold therapy machine.

What We Liked

  • Quiet brushless motor
  • Reduces pain, surgery swelling and improves joint performance
  • Holistically designed cold rush with a significant shoulder pad which prevents insulated walls and spills making the cooling process better
  • Compact and lightweight

What We Didn’t Like

  • We did not find any

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2. ​Products Polar Active Ice Therapy System 2.0

Polar Products Active Ice Therapy System 2.0View on Amazon

Are you looking for a quality ice therapy machine for post-surgery chronic pain relief? Then this polar device can be an ideal choice for your therapy needs.

The device features a 9 quarts cooler which lets in one 3 inches by 44 inches elastic belt, a thirty minutes timer, 10.5″ by 12″ U-Shaped bladder, five feet insulated cold water lines and a 16” by 9.5” by 8.5” easy system carrying handle.

The 5.5lbs device has a cooler lid which is perfectly attached to the unit and stays in place to prevent any mess. For easy movements when needed, the Active cold therapy system has dry, high flow, and quick-unplug couplings.

Aside from being used to ease the post-surgery pain, the device is also an ideal cold therapy choice for shoulders, knees, limbs, ankles, calves, and elbows.

What We Liked

  • Coverlid stays in place to prevent any mess
  • Reliefs post-surgery chronic pain on various body parts
  • Has an easy to carry system handle
  • Comfy and easy to use
  • Universal bladder which can be used on any body part

What We Didn’t Like

  • Tedious resetting the timer after 30 minutes

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3. ​ARS Aqua Relief System Hot or Cold Water Therapy Device

ARS Aqua Relief System Hot or Cold Water Therapy DeviceView on Amazon

This pain therapy machine from Aqua can be used for pain relief, or diabetics care. The device has a universal therapy pad which gives you access to everything you want.

Individuals with sore muscles and painful joints can also benefit from using this machine. Unlike some devices which restrict users from using them on specific areas, this device can be used in all body parts including feet and hands.

The easy to use Aqua pain relief gives you access to cold or hot water therapy with easy to follow instructions. For ultimate diabetes care, the machine has a diabetes socks which offers users comfort and buffering.

What We Liked

  • Can be used as a cold or hot water therapy
  • Comes with a universal therapy pad which allows you to use the device on different parts of the body
  • Can be used for pain relief and diabetes care

What We Didn’t Like

  • We did not find any

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4. ​Cryotherapy Arctic Ice Cold Water Therapy with Large Single Bootie by Healiohealth

Cryotherapy Arctic Ice Cold Water TherapyView on Amazon

The Healiohealth cold therapy machine boats of a six complete insulated hoses, low voltage pump, temperature control, easy disconnect lines and locking latch top to give your aching joints and support rehabilitation.

With just one single fill up, the device can maintain cold water for six to eight hours. The water is spread across the joint giving optimal 360. Healiohealth cold therapy system is efficient and helps lowering metabolism, induces local blood cells vaso-constriction, and reduces the internal flow of fluids by minimizing vascular permeability.

Another welcoming feature is that this device is compatible with different pads including the bonus universal therapy pad.

What We Liked

  • Has temperature control features
  • Has a locking latch top to prevent any mess
  • Compatible with different therapy pads
  • Lowers internal flow of fluids by reducing vascular permeability
  • Induces local blood cell vaso-constriction

What We Didn’t Like

  • Using for more than eight hours will require you to add ice

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5. ​Aircast Cryo/Cuff Cold Therapy

Aircast Cryo-Cuff Cold TherapyView on Amazon

Aircast cold therapy machine is one of the suitable machines for reducing swelling, trauma, post-surgerychronic pain relief, hemarthrosis, sports injuries, pain management, and rehabilitation. The device uses a gravity fed non- motorized system which helps provide a cold and central compression.

The gravity cooler system consists of plastic fittings, tube assembly, and insulation disk.  To eliminate the risk of tissue damage the device provides ultimate Cryotherapy by providing cooled water directly to the cuff.

The machine gravity cooler system can hold ice and water for about six to eight hours giving you the freedom to enjoy maximum Cryotherapy. The fact that the device works in harmony with Arctic flowand Cuff pads gives you the freedom to use your preferred therapy pad.

What We Liked

  • Easy manual instructions
  • Allows users to wear the Aircast Ankle cuff on the left or right leg
  • Delivers ultimate Cryotherapy
  • Works in harmony with Arctic flow and Cuff pads

What We Didn’t Like

  • Requires one to add water and ice if they extend the session beyond eight hours

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Benefits of using a Cold Therapy Machine

Cold therapy machines have become one of the highly recommended methods of fighting back post-surgery pain, joint, and chronic pain relief. The technology integrated into these machines help deliver coherent therapeutic temperatures and focal compression accelerating the healing process.

Here are some of the amazing benefits these machines offer.

Prevents Swelling

Swelling is one of the common psychological reactions you may experience when you get injured or undergo surgery. However, too much of it can lead to chronic pain and slowed recovery.  Cold therapy machines have dynamic compression which helps pump away excessive fluids which cause swelling.

Accelerate Healing Process

Cold therapy machines deliver ultimate Cryotherapy by delivering a constant therapeutic temperature which lasts longer. Cold temperatures help reduce cellular activity while the active compression takes care of any unwanted cellular debris by pumping it away bringing freshly oxygenated blood minimizing the recovery downtime.

Reduces Suffering

It is normal for one to experience pain after an injury or surgery. Taking advantage of cold therapy machines have been known to minimize pain sensation levels and reduce nerve impulses. The cold therapeutic temperatures delivered by these machines last longer reducing the pain without using medication.

Minimizes Skin Damage

Subjecting the skin to high temperatures can damage the underlying tissues. Cold therapy machines have temperature control features which deliver constant therapeutic temperatures protecting the skin from any further damage.

Things to Consider when Buying Cold Therapy Machines

Cold therapy machines have become one of the outstanding methods for a faster healing process. Taking your time to have a look at the best device which meets your needs will help you achieve this much faster. The following factors will help you make informed decisions on your preferred device. Take a look!

Running Time

Your machine running time is the period at which it can deliver chilled water before calling for more additional water or ice. Most devices are designed to run for about six hours while others can last longer. Adjusting to lower settings can extend your machine running time which helps accelerate the healing process.


The weight of your machine will dictate its movability. Bulky machines are hard to move around. If you will require moving your device often, always choose a compact and lightweight machine.

Machine Tubing Material

Your machine tubing material will dictate its durability. Heavy-duty materials are highly recommended since they prevent the tube from breaking or leaking. An insulated tube is also a great feature which helps prevent cold from escaping.


Cold therapy machines have different fabric pads. While some of these pads are reusable, others are not. Buying a machine with re-usable pads is economical.

The size of your therapy pads is also another essential feature to look at. The coverage area should dictate the size of your pad. Small pads are ideal for knees, ankles, and elbows while a large one is ideal for the back for large coverage.


Therapy machines produce different variations of sound. A loud motor will not allow you to relax better especially when the device is used during the night. This can impact your sleep causing a sleepless night.

A cold therapy machine should not be noisy but rather provide a serene environment for you to recover.

Operation Mode

Cold therapy machines are designed to be run for a specified period where they should be turned off to minimize any health impacts. Selecting a device with automatic shutoff after the preset time elapses can help reduce any worries of waking up during the night to power it off.

Care and Maintenance of Cold Therapy Machines

Taking care of your machine can help deliver ultimate cold therapy and minimize any chances of bacterial growth. A well-maintained machine means better performance and extended machine life. If you don’t have any idea how you can give your machine a loving tender care here is how.

Use Proper Cleaning Tools

Choose your cleaning tools correctly. Using abrasive tools can leave scratches on the machine, letting in bacterial growth. Mild abrasive pads, toothbrushes and nylon brushes are a good choice for cleaning your machine.

Prepare it for Cleaning

When you through with your machine, always switch it off and disconnect it from the wall. Take out your pad from where you had placed. Hold it for a moment above the machine to allow the water to drain back into the machine.

Clean the Entire Machine

Cleaning the machine should be done to every part. Disable the machine and soak it. Read your manual instructions to determine the best sanitizer that works well on your machine. Hand-clean all the components.

Get rid of any ice in the storage bin and clean it thoroughly. Sanitize the storage bin and all drain pipes. Leave it to dry before rinsing it off. Keep all your electrical components away from water.

Use your manual instructions to assemble your machine back.

How to use Cold Therapy Machines Properly

Improper use of your machine can expose you to other health complications. Having a grasp of the best practices and what to avoid when using these devices, helps minimize these risks.

  • Keep an insulation layer between the skin and your therapy pad when you plan to use your machine for more than twenty minutes to prevent any damage.
  • When using cold therapy machine, always keep track of your blood pressure levels. Discontinue using the machine in case you note any changes in your pressure levels.
  • While setting your settings lower can help extend the machine running time, using the coldest settings may burn the freezer which can be risky and should be avoided.
  • Using ice therapy machines can cause skin damage. Always inspect your skin every one to two hours to ensure that there is no impact.
  • Heat conservation is ordinarily poor on elderly people and may cause tissue damage or blood vessel constriction. Before using your therapy machine, always seek consultation from a professional medical practitioner.

What makes a Good Cold Therapy Machine?

  • A good cold therapy machine should be effective
  • A good cold therapy machine should deliver constant therapeutic water for the extended period
  • A good cold therapy machine should be easy to use and maintain

Final Verdict

Recovering from an injury or surgery can be overwhelming at times. Cold therapy machines are known to accelerate the healing process, reduce the pain and swelling that comes along with the recovery process. As much as these devices are becoming more popular as time goes by, it has never been an easy task to select a good therapy machine compared to the past.

While your personal preferences should guide you in selecting your preferred device, the best cold therapy machine should be able to deliver coherent therapeutic temperatures, long lasting, easy to use and maintain, and above all minimize pain and swelling.

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