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The 8 Best Serpentine Belts in 2018

Gone are days when vehicles used to have many belts for every single component. Thanks to the technological advancements which have replaced all these belts with one serpentine belt.  These poly V-belts help improve your car performance and require replacements when it wears out to maximize your car performance.

While poly V-belts or serpentine belts help improve the performance of your car, a poor quality belt can gradually ruin the experience and deteriorate your car battery. Choosing a quality poly V-belt can be challenging with different brands in the market. For this roundup, we have carefully reviewed some of the superior quality belts to help you choose the best serpentine belt that matches your needs.

Best Pick

ACDelco 6K930 Professional V-Ribbed Serpentine Belt

ACDelco 6K930 Professional V-Ribbed Serpentine Belt is durable, quiet and allows other components to operate perfectly well making it Our Best Pick.

Budget Pick

Bando 6PK2135 OEM Quality Serpentine Belt

Bando 6PK2135 OEM Quality Serpentine Belt is affordable and has been designed using superior quality synthetic rubber which is durable and resistant to wear making it Our Budget Pick.

Product NameGrade
ACDelco 6K930 Professional V-Ribbed Serpentine BeltsA
Bando 6PK2135 OEM Quality Serpentine BeltA-
Gates K060841 Serpentine Belt/Fan BeltA-
Continental Elite 4060740 Poly-V / Serpentine BeltA
ContiTech PK060882 Serpentine BeltA
Bando 6PK2240 OEM Quality Serpentine BeltA
Continental Elite 4070975 Poly-V / Serpentine BeltA
ACDelco 12576447 GM Original Equipment V-Ribbed Serpentine BeltA

1. ​ACDelco 6K930 Professional V-Ribbed Serpentine Belts 

Are you looking for a quality serpentine belt that offers a quiet performance? Then this belt from ACDelco may be an ideal choice for you. ACDelco poly V-belt is claimed to last longer as compared to other market retail belts.

The poly v-belt is designed with EPDM rubber which is crack and temperature resistant giving the belt durable and reliable quiet performance. Compared to other serpentine belts, the ACDelco belt can function well and accept accessory belt drive system misalignment far much greater than other belts making it stand out.

One thing we love about this serpentine belt is its flexible design which allows it to defy billions of bents on the back and top side resulting from long belt life. That’s not all; the belt rib precision dimension control profile efficiently transmits the load to the entire accessory belt drive system, increasing the components performance levels.

What We Liked

  • Designed with high-quality rubber which is temperature and crack resistant
  • Delivers quiet operation
  • Flexible
  • Has greater acceptance of accessory belt drive system misalignment
  • Increases performance levels of other components

What We Didn't Like

  • We did not find any

2. Bando 6PK2135 OEM Quality Serpentine Belt 

This 7.2-ounce belt from Bando USA has six ribs by 2135mm with ground rubber ribs compounded with a high stretch rubber which is lasting and resistant to wear.  Bando serpentine belt has been tested and has passed all the industry protocols.

One unique feature about Bando belts is that the company has only one line of belts for the OEM applications and aftermarket. Being a leader in the rubber industry for over 100 years, Bando still gives its customers a promising future by producing high-quality products.

What We Liked

  • Belt meets the industry standards
  • Durable
  • High-quality belt

What We Didn't Like

  • Makes some noise

3. Gates K060841 Serpentine Belt/Fan Belt 

Snagging the third position is this gates fan belt which is designed to give your car components optimal performance. The 8-ounce belt has passed the industry standards and is backed by the manufacturer with 12,000 miles or a one year warranty against any material, design and workmanship defects.

Gates serpentine belt is easy to install and will work in harmony with your car provided its compatible with your car model.

What We Liked

  • Easy to install
  • Improves the overall performance of other components
  • Has passed the industry standards

What We Didn't Like

  • Makes squeaking noises when used for a long time

4. Continental Elite 4060740 Poly-V / Serpentine Belt 

Continental poly-V belt features a quiet channel technology which makes it run cool and increase flexibility. This gives the belt more durability compared to other competitor belts.

The quiet channel technology comprises of advanced rubber components and special staggered cog profile which helps eliminate noise that is associated with pulley misalignment. Another welcoming feature about this belt is the tension member’s high strength which offers excellent wear resistance.

Tension members are also compatible with modern automatic tensioners and are treated to minimize elongation. This makes this continental serpentine belt stand out from other competitor belts.

Note that currently Gatorback® belts and hose are branded continental Elite Belts and Hose, and Goodyear Engineered Products are branded Continental ContiTech. You may receive continental products with other brands names either in Goodyear or continental packaging.

What We Liked

  • Flexible
  • Prevents noise associated with pulley misalignment
  • Compatible with modern automatic tensioners
  • Treated to minimize elongation

What We Didn't Like

  • May come with other brand names

5. ContiTech PK060882 Serpentine Belt 

This ContiTech serpentine belt is temperature stable and oil resistant. Being a leader in the manufacture of quality Multi-rib belts, ContiTech continues to offer quality products to the industry.

The PK060882 model offers more exceptional durability, a quiet and cooler performance. All ContiTech belts meet the EO quality, function and fit and this model has not been left out. The belt gives a power efficiency of 98% improving the performance of other components.

What We Liked

  • Temperature and oil resistant
  • Offers greater durability
  • Increases performance of other components
  • Meets the industry standards

What We Didn't Like

  • We did not find any

6. Bando 6PK2240 OEM Quality Serpentine Belt 

Bando is one of the award-winning OEM suppliers. To ensure that its customers get quality products, Bando ensures that the EOM application and aftermarket belts are the same.  This 7-ounce serpentine belt features grounded rubber ribs (6 ribs by 2240mm) which have been compounded with extremely strong synthetic rubber which gives the belt long life and resistance to wear.

For optimal performance, the belt has strong tensile cords which transmit high horsepower loads without stretching. Bando belts are precision grounded twice to ensure you get quality and long lasting belts which meets all the industry standards.

What We Liked

  • Durable
  • Resistant to wear and high temperatures
  • Transmits high horsepower without stretching
  • Meets the industry standards

What We Didn't Like

  • We did not find any

7. Continental Elite 4070975 Poly-V / Serpentine Belt 

Are you looking for a quality serpentine belt that offers high performance without any squeaking noises? Then this Continental Elite belt may be a perfect choice for you.

Continental Elite Poly-V belt is designed for high efficiency and quiet performance. The belt features a quiet channel technology which reduces abrasion, heat and increases flexibility. Continental Elite has been engineered with precision.

With high tension members, the serpentine belt has greater wear resistance and offers height strength for shear resistance.

What We Liked

  • Durable
  • Provides high performance without chirps and squeaking noises
  • Reduces abrasion and heat impact
  • Flexible
  • Has greater wear and shear resistance

What We Didn't Like

  • Package may come with Goodyear brand name since its products have been branded Continental Elite

8. ACDelco 12576447 GM Original Equipment V-Ribbed Serpentine Belt 

ACDelco has designed yet another quality serpentine belt which offers optimal performance. Users who gave this belt a try were satisfied with how this model was reliable and efficient.

All ACDelco products are designed to form, fit, and function, giving you performance like no other. When you purchase this belt, you will get the same quality, performance and service life anticipated from General Motors.

What We Liked

  • Meets the industry standards
  • Delivers high performance
  • High quality

What We Didn't Like

  • We did not find any

Benefits of using serpentine belt

  • Serpentine belts saves space in the engine compartment
  • Poly-V belts are designed using latest technology which helps extend the belt life
  • Serpentine belts help improve the performance of other components
  • Serpentine belts are easy to install and maintain
  • Poly-V belts have high tension which allows low ratio pulley to be used reducing the car engine load
  • Serpentine belts boost power efficiency and economize fuel consumption

Importance of using a serpentine belt

Serpentine belt provides mechanical power for other components

A serpentine belt plays a significant role in powering various components. One of these components is the steering system which depends majorly on power delivered by the belt. The serpentine belt also powers the radiator fan, water pump, and air conditioner compressor.

Serpentine belt provides basic function to the car

A car cannot function without a serpentine belt. This is why when it wears off; the performance of your vehicle will be lowered making these components not to work properly.

Helps supply power to the electrical charging system

The serpentine belt provides power to the charging system by attaching itself to the pulley alternator which supplies electricity to the car battery. This helps build and hold enough electrical power on your car battery.

Helps regulate your car moving speed

Modern serpentine belts have a tensioner which helps control the rate at which the belt runs. When the belt wears off, you will receive signals before things get out of hand. This is why you will experience a slow movement of your vehicle when the belt wears off.

Regular examination of your belt can help identify problems early enough.

Things to consider when buying the best serpentine belt

Not every serpentine belt will work with your car model. Before making your purchase, it is a good idea to check if your belt has met all the following requirements.


Serpentine belt size is an important feature to be on the lookout each time you are buying your belt. Your old belt can help you determine the size of the belt that will perfectly fit your car.  Your manufacturer’s manual should help you achieve this much faster.

Measuring your belt can also be another way of determining its size.


Serpentine belts are designed to last. A quality Poly-V belt should have passed the test of time and should meet all the industry standards. Belts with rib and pulley wear resistance last longer and are recommended.


Belt compatibility is a critical aspect to check out before paying for your Poly-V belt. Compatibility of your serpentine belt should be determined by how the belt works with other components like the pulley, engine, tensioner and other accessories.


To be on the safe side, always consider buying poly- v belts with extended warranty period should the unexpected happen.

Common serpentine belt problems and how to fix them

Chirping sound

Pulley misalignment may cause your car to produce a chirping sound. This happens when the serpentine belt ridges come into contact with the groove sides sliding downwards. To fix the problem, try to remove the belt and return it.

Another cause of chirping sound is a cracked belt. Inspect if your serpentine belt may be having cracks. Alternatively, you can use a WD40 and spray it on the belt while the engine is running. In case the sound goes away, it is time to replace your belt.

For cars which use serpentine belt tensioner, a chirping sound may be an indication of a faulty bearing or wheel. Remove the belt and try to spin out the tensioner by hand. If the sound does not go away, then your tensioner requires replacement.

Squeaking noises

Squeaking noises are an indication of an old serpentine belt. In case you experience this sound inspect your belt for any signs of wear. If your belt is new, the sound can be fixed by spraying water while your engine is still running.

Another cause of squeaking noises is pulley misalignment. If these sound increases after spraying water this could be a pulley misalignment.

Swollen, flaky or sticky belt

When oil leaks, it causes your serpentine belt to be flaky. When the oil spread on your belt, it weakens the rubber bonds making the belt spongy and soft. To diagnose the problem, replace your belt and avoid using belt sprays.

What makes a good serpentine belt?

  • A good serpentine belt should be easy to install and maintain
  • A great serpentine belt should work with other components in harmony
  • An excellent serpentine belt should perform its function
  • An excellent serpentine belt should withstand the test of time an meet the industry standards


Serpentine belts are designed to last longer, but with time they will require replacements. Often at times, we tend to ignore them. Using a worn out or faulty belt can make driving your car next to impossible.

However, serpentine belts vary in size, design, material, and performance which require one to be vigilant when purchasing. While the above features are important to look at, the best serpentine belt you choose by the end of the day should be compatible, of high quality, of the right size and above all performs its function perfectly well.

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